Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum


Cyberstorm: Roman (German Edition)

Ein Sturm zieht auf …

Mike Mitchell ist ein ganz gewöhnlicher New Yorker, der wie alle anderen auch mit den Tücken des Großstadtalltags kämpft: Stress im Job und Konflikte in der Familie. Doch all das verliert an Bedeutung, als eines Tages das Worst-Case-Szenario eintritt: Ein Schneesturm legt New York lahm, und dann fällt auch noch das Internet komplett aus. Schon bald begreift Mike, dass hier ein Krieg stattfindet – ein Cyberkrieg …


Cyberspace Law: Cases & Materials, Third Edition

Early adopters of Cyberspace Law: Cases and Materials were particularly pleased by how flexible, coherent, and practical the book is. Now strengthened and scrupulously updated for its Third Edition, this engaging casebook can help your students understand one of the most dynamic areas of law.

Written and structured for maximum effectiveness, the book:
– Can be used successfully in both introductory and advanced courses;
– Uses practical, classroom-tested "real world" problems to help students apply existing rules to cyberspace law;
– Features a flexible, logical organization that allows instructors to emphasize selected perspectives;
– Is designed for currency, with materials organized around competing approaches and theories for any given issue, rather than current leading cases;
– Presents current Internet law as well as related policy concerns that will drive future legal analysis when new issues emerge — the only casebook to address both areas. Offers a balanced presentation of competing approaches and theories for each issue;
– Provides a sophisticated analysis of cutting-edge legal issues through an excellent selection of cases;
– Remains up-to-date with postings of new cases and important developments on the author website.
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Tweets from Tahrir

The Twitter accounts of the activists who brought heady days of revolution to Egypt in January and February this year paint an exhilarating picture of an uprising in real-time. Thousands of young people documented on cell phones every stage of their revolution, as it happened. This book brings together a selection of key tweets in a compelling, fast-paced narrative, allowing the story of the uprising to be told directly by the people in Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

Many of the activists were “citizen journalists”, using Twitter to report what was happening. Others used the social network to organize, communicating the next steps necessary for the revolution to move forward. Nearly everyone online gave instant reactions to the extraordinary events occurring before their eyes.
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Real Powers: Part One

It's 2027, and as the global economy shifts from unprecedented prosperity into harsh decline, the world's experts struggle to understand why.

A young blogger discovers a device with a hidden purpose, an idealistic journalist upends her career by targeting the people who own the news, a master media manipulator questions his work and takes on a challenging new client, an energy tycoon bristles as her powerful position is challenged, and a technologist-turned-cult leader questions his own faith.
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Network Security with Netflow and IPFIX: Big Data Analytics for Information Security (Networking Technology: Security)

A comprehensive guide for deploying, configuring, and troubleshooting NetFlow and learning big data analytics technologies for cyber security

Today’s world of network security is full of cyber security vulnerabilities, incidents, breaches, and many headaches. Visibility into the network is an indispensable tool for network and security professionals and Cisco NetFlow creates an environment where network administrators and security professionals have the tools to understand who, what, when, where, and how network traffic is flowing.
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