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RockMiner R-BOX 32 -37 GH/s ASIC SHA-256 Miner ASICMiner Gen3 30-50 Watts Total

Overclocking is required to achieve advertised hash rates. This can easily be achieved through BFGMiner 5.0.0 or higher.


China’s Cyber Power (Adelphi series)

China’s emergence as a major global power is reshaping the cyber domain. The country has the world’s largest internet-user community, a growing economic footprint and increasingly capable military and intelligence services. Harnessing these assets, it is pursuing a patient, assertive foreign policy that seeks to determine how information and communications technologies are governed and deployed. This policy is likely to have significant normative impact, with potentially adverse implications for a global order that has been shaped by Western liberal democracies. And, even as China goes out into the world, there are signs that new technologies are becoming powerful tools for domestic social control and the suppression of dissent abroad.

Western policymakers are struggling to meet this challenge. While there is much potential for good in a self-confident China that is willing to invest in the global commons, there is no guarantee that the country’s growth and modernisation will lead inexorably to democratic political reform. This Adelphi book examines the political, historical and cultural development of China’s cyber power, in light of its evolving internet, intelligence structures, military capabilities and approach to global governance. As China attempts to gain the economic benefits that come with global connectivity while excluding information seen as a threat to stability, the West will be forced to adjust to a world in which its technological edge is fast eroding and can no longer be taken for granted.


Targeted Cyber Attacks: Multi-staged Attacks Driven by Exploits and Malware

Cyber-crime increasingly impacts both the online and offline world, and targeted attacks play a significant role in disrupting services in both. Targeted attacks are those that are aimed at a particular individual, group, or type of site or service. Unlike worms and viruses that usually attack indiscriminately, targeted attacks involve intelligence-gathering and planning to a degree that drastically changes its profile.
Individuals, corporations, and even governments are facing new threats from targeted attacks. Targeted Cyber Attacks examines real-world examples of directed attacks and provides insight into what techniques and resources are used to stage these attacks so that you can counter them more effectively. A well-structured introduction into the world of targeted cyber-attacksIncludes analysis of real-world attacksWritten by cyber-security researchers and experts




Twenty years ago, it was as if someone turned on a light. The future blazed into existence with each deliberate word that William Gibson laid down. The winner of Hugo, Nebula, and Philip K. Dick Awards, Neuromancer didn’t just explode onto the science fiction scene–it permeated into the collective consciousness, culture, science, and technology.

Today, there is only one science fiction masterpiece to thank for the term “cyberpunk,” for easing the way into the information age and Internet society. Neuromancer‘s virtual reality has become real. And yet, William Gibson’s gritty, sophisticated vision still manages to inspire the minds that lead mankind ever further into the future.

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Cyber_merc/01: [_Environment~]# Tor

"There are a lot of assumptions about Hackers, and a lot of the assumptions are wrong."

_The story of a massive DDoS attack and how takes out a major piece of internet infrastructure, causing huge outages across the World. Watch it spread like a disease through the narrative.
_A fantasy tale about how knowledge is misused and abused, the technology background is solid, the reader will learn the real facts about the core principles of tor and the onion routing while is trapped by the story.
_my failure to use Tor could get me killed. I put the blame directly on the country and some of its citizens.
_The media and politicians fuel the fire. This has spread globally. People can't comprehend the danger of draconian legislation or persecution of minorities.
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