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Python Web Penetration Testing Cookbook

Over 60 indispensable Python recipes to ensure you always have the right code on hand for web application testing

About This BookGet useful guidance on writing Python scripts and using libraries to put websites and web apps through their pacesFind the script you need to deal with any stage of the web testing processDevelop your Python knowledge to get ahead of the game for web testing and expand your skillset to other testing areas
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Kali Linux Wireless Penetration Testing: Beginner’s Guide

Key FeaturesLearn wireless penetration testing with Kali Linux, the latest iteration of BacktrackDetect hidden wireless networks and discover their namesExplore advanced Wi-Fi hacking techniques including rogue access point hosting and probe sniffingDevelop your encryption cracking skills and gain an insight into the methods used by attackers and the underlying technologies that facilitate these attacks

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Kali Linux CTF Blueprints

Build, test, and customize your own Capture the Flag challenges across multiple platforms designed to be attacked with Kali Linux

About This Book
Put the skills of the experts to the test with these tough and customisable pentesting projects
Develop each challenge to suit your specific training, testing, or client engagement needs
Hone your skills, from wireless attacks to social engineering, without the need to access live systems
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