Fluval Foam Filter Block (204/205/306 & 304/305/306)- 2-Pack

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Fluval Foam Filter Block

Fluval Aquarium Filter Foam Blocks offer mechanical stressing of particle waste. The key function of Fluval Foam is mechanical filtering, organic task will at some point take place within its pore framework.

Fluval Filters Model

Fluval 106

Fluval 206

Fluval 306

Fluval 406

Fluval G6

Fluval Fx6 Aquarium Capacity 25 United States Gallons 45 United States Gallons 70 United States Gallons 100 United States Gallons 160 United States Gallons 400 United States Gallons Dimensions 15 X 6 X 8 inches 18 X 7 X 8 inches 18 X 7 X 10 inches 20 X 8 X 10 inches 10 x 9 x 13 inches 16 x 16 x 21 inches Pump Output 145 United States Gal/h 206 United States Gal/h 303 United States Gal/h 383 United States Gal/h 650 United States Gal/h 925 United States Gal/h Filter Circulation 95 United States Gal/h 121 United States Gal/h 206 United States Gal/h 245 United States Gal/h 265 United States Gal/h 538 United States Gal/h Head Height (max.) 4.8 feet 4.8 feet 5.6 feet 7.5 feet 4.8 feet 7.6 feet Media Capacity 3.2 Liters 4.6 Liters 6.6 Liters 8.5 Liters 9.5 Liters 11.5 Liters Wattage 120V/60Hz: 10W 120V/60Hz: 10W 120V/60Hz: 16W 120V/60Hz: 23W 120V/60Hz: 27W 120V/60Hz: 43W

Fluval Media

Fluval Carbon

Fluval Carbon, 100-gram Nylon Bags – 3-Pack

Fluval Carbon Filter Media Insert can adsorbing most liquified contaminations and also dyes existing in fish tank water. It does not include phosphates and also will certainly not alter the pH of the fish tank water.

Fluval Foam Filter Block

Fluval Foam Filter Block (204/205/306 & & 304/305/306)- 2-Pack

Fluval Aquarium Filter Foam Blocks supply mechanical stressing of particle waste. It avoids particle waste from too soon blocking various other filter media in the component pile.

Fluval Biomax Bio Rings

Fluval Biomax Bio Rings – 500 grams/17.63 ounces

Fluval BioMax Media Inserts have an intricate pore system producing an ideal atmosphere where valuable germs could prosper.

Fluval Ammonia Remover

Fluval Ammonia Remover, 180-gram Nylon Bags – 3-Pack

Fluval Ammonia Remover is an all-natural ion-exchange media developed to eliminate hazardous ammonia as water overlooks it. Managing ammonia degrees minimizes tension on fish.

Fluval Clearmax Phosphate Remover

Fluval Clearmax Phosphate Remover Filters, 3.5 Ounces – 3-Pack

Clearmax Phosphate Remover catches phosphate, nitrite and also nitrate. It additionally lowers smells, makes upkeep simpler and also offers crystal clear water to develop suitable problems for fish.

Fluval Zeo-Carb

Fluval Zeo-Carb, 150 Gram, 3-Pack Nylon Bags

Fluval Zeo-Carb is a costs mix of study quality Fluval Carbon and also Fluval Ammonia Remover. Interacting, these very efficient media remove melted contaminations.

Fluval Fine Water Polishing Pad

Fluval Fine Filter Water Polishing Pad

Fluval Water Polishing Pads are distinctively developed to fit Fluval Canister Filters. These added thick micro-fine polyester pads efficiently catch mini bits as well as particles as water goes through.

Fluval Pre-Filter Media

Fluval Pre-Filter Media – 750 grams/26.45 ounces

Fluval Pre-Filter is created to catch strong waste prior to they get to various other media. This avoids early blocking of finer filters and also prolongs their life, lowering media substitutes regularity.

Fluval Peat Granules

Fluval Peat Granules, 500 Gram/17.6 Ounce

Fluval Peat Granules are the natural method to soften fish tank water and also accomplish the pH degrees needed for reproducing as well as raising specific exotic fish.

Fluval BioFoam

Fluval Bio Foam

Fluval bio-foam incorporates organic as well as mechanical filtering. Its permeable framework enhances area for the development of useful nitrifying germs.

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