Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies: Blockchain book, Cryptocurrency investing, Cryptocurrency trading, Bitcoin book (Become an Expert in Crypto by … Trading & Investing & Portfolio Management)

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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies – 6 Books in 1
Become an Expert in the world of Crypto by Mastering Blockchain, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency Trading & Investing & Portfolio Management

Become an Expert in the world of Crypto by Mastering:

Bitcoin – The future of Money
•Bitcoin mining process | Satoshi Nakamoto aka the inventor of Bitcoin + Bitcoin Market analysis | Why Bitcoin is capable of overtaking Fiat currencies + Digital Gold VS Traditional Gold explained | Bitcoin purchasing power in a grow
•How to get ready for Bitcoin revolution | The future of recruitment and payroll + How to get paid in Bitcoin | Benefits of peer-to-peer economy – the future of business + Understand why Bitcoin value can reach $1Million | 11 reasons to invest in Digital Gold
•Wallet technology: Hot wallets, Cold Wallets, Wallet recommendations + where to buy them + How to avoid online scammers | How to buy Bitcoin safely + How to find & use Bitcoin ATM-s | Bitcoin trading & Investing explained + Bitcoin mining using your laptop or android phone

Blockchain – The Technology
•Brief history of finance | The trigger of the birth of Blockchain + What is the distributed ledger system | Who are the miners and what’s is their responsibility + Understanding Step-by-step how each block gets created | The basics of Cryptography
•How Blockchain works, and why can not be hacked | What are the Blockchain attributes + How Blockchain benefits business purposes | Encoding VS Decoding arbitrary data + Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange | Elliptic Curve Cryptography
•Advantages of the Peer-to-Peer networks | Logarithm basics | Digital Signatures

Cryptocurrency: Trading & Investing
•Understand what Cryptocurrency is, and why you should take advantage of the market Wallet Technology: Learn the differences between Hot & Cold Wallets. Pros & Cons of the best Hardware wallets. Learn where to buy them, and how to use them! Know how to locate Bitcoin ATM-s, and learn how to buy or sell Bitcoin for Cash!
•Learn what are the best Cryptocurrency Trading platforms, and find out which one best suits you, either you are from United States, Europe, or from the rest of the world. + Scamming techniques revealed! + Learn how to avoid online scammers What is pump and dump, how to recognize them, and how to avoid losing your investment
•Strategies and Techniques of how to recognize all criteria that must be considered before investing! Detailed Guide to identify your investing! Currency, Platform, or Application? + How to keep your portfolio profitable at all times! Learn techniques on when you should re-balance your portfolio! Should you hire a specialist?
•Learn what moves the market capitalization, and learn how to recognize market manipulation & long term success! + In depth analysis of the best cryptocurrencies on the market + Learn about the best privacy based coins + How to do Company background checks and Vetting process
•Learning the size of the marketplace and it’s potential needs + Find out about the best platforms for smart contracts + How to differentiate market capitalization, volume, and the value of a coin + Learn about the best blockchain based applications
•The Importance of marketing strategies, and appearance + Technical analysis by volume and historical data + How to recognize market manipulations, and pump & dumps + How to track a Road map and future projects plans + Should you pursue investing in ICO-s? + Grasp the future of data storage + Master cryptocurrency investing, step-by-step