Cyber Warfare and the New World Order: World War III Series: Book IV

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America is on the brink. Russian and Chinese soldiers still occupy Alaska, and now a joint Chinese/Japanese invasion force carried out an attack on the West Coast. The wounds of the Japanese betrayal run deep, but there is no time to dwell on that. Every available resource must be poured into repelling the attack on U.S. soil.

Throughout the past several decades, the world has seen all sorts of technology connected to network capabilities. Everything from printers to automobiles, home thermostats and lighting have been linked to the internet to increase productivity and create a life of ease. Despite these great advancements in convenience, these technologies have also opened the world to new and unforeseen vulnerabilities. What would happen if countries’ cars were suddenly turned off? If a power grid for an entire province could be remotely shut down, how would the world governments react? Is cyber-warfare the new ultimate weapon?

Other new superweapons are on the horizon. Enhanced humanoid drones will have a dramatic impact the war on land. The battle on the seas will hinge on long-range lasers, powerful railguns, drone swarms and cruise missile. And what will happen with President Stein’s secret mission to mine important minerals from the Moon? Find out what happens in the fourth and final book of this World War III series.