Password Security Tips: 101+ Tips, Secrets, Ideas, Suggestions, Tricks, Methods And Techniques

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I probably have your password – right now.

Your Money Is At Risk Right Now And You Need A New Password: You are at risk because your current password is not safe – just ten thousand passwords account for 99% of the most commonly used passwords. Your password is probably on that list. Hackers have those passwords preloaded in their software.

Which one of these passwords is, by far, the easiest to crack?



The password )(*&^%$#@! may appear complex, but those special characters are found when you hold down the shift key as you go backwards across your keyboard from 0 to 9 to 8 to 7, etc. This pattern would be easily cracked by most hackers.

The second password, SwAt7d(~)Bb2, was composed without a readily apparent pattern. As you read the book, you will understand why, and how, this password SwAt7d(~)Bb2 was constructed. You will be able to use the included worksheet to instantly remember it, and more importantly, you will be able to improve it… in just a few minutes.

For less than a cup of coffee or two, you will learn how to create a single, unique master password.

Password Security Tips

1) Your current password is just not safe enough. Here is why:

You are at risk because a hacker probably has your password pre-loaded in their hacking software:

Three passwords account for almost 10% of the most commonly used passwords.

One hundred passwords account for 40% of the most commonly used passwords.

One thousand passwords account for 91% of the most commonly used passwords.

Ten thousand passwords account for 99% of the most commonly used passwords.

If you use any dictionary word, in any language, forwards or backwards, you can almost certainly be hacked.

2) Your money is at risk:

Why do people want your password? Because that’s where your money is. And it is so easy to not only access your monies but to possibly damage your credit.

3) You will learn the following password strategies:

How to create your own unique master password to control all your passwords.

How to easily create, and remember, a unique password for every site.

How to easily create, and remember, a unique username for every site.

How to easily create an additional security layer by knowing this secret way to use your email address.

The 23 ‘don’ts’ to honor when creating your password.

4) Password worksheet included:

A password worksheet is included showing you how to easily create, and remember, a very unique password.

5) You will learn how your passwords from be easily reverse engineered:

How your security question answers can be easily used to hack your account.

If someone asks you where you went to high school or college, why you should not answer.

We show you how to recognize phishing attempts.

Which three sites are the most likely to reveal your password.

6) You will learn the single, most important technique you must immediately implement:

You will learn the one strategy you should have employed yesterday. It needs to applied to all your bank, credit card, PayPal account or financial-related sites. This strategy will create an almost bullet-proof lock on who can access each of your accounts – including family members and business partners.

7) Should you use a password manager program?

You learn the pros and cons of using software that causes you to have ‘all your password eggs in one basket.’

You learn how to easily memorize hundreds of unique passwords? Yes, this simple technique will allow you to become your own ‘Rain Man.’

8) Other password safety tips you will learn:

Everyone tells you to use eight characters for your password. We will show you why that is wrong.

How to cure password dementia.

Even if a hacker has millions of usernames and passwords, how to prevent your unique usernames from being sortable.

Why to model your password using ‘crowded-sidewalk logic.”

We share the one song you have to listen to for