Safe Computing is Like Safe Sex: You have to practice it to avoid infection

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Computer Security Can be Achieved Even in a World full of Hackers, Viruses and Spam You can Protect your Computer and your Valuable Information, Bank Accounts and Photos Without Breaking the Budget or Hiring an Expert.

What if practising a few new habits could dramatically reduce the chances of your system being infected with a virus or attacked by a hacker? Imagine surfing the web without worrying about the terrors of credit card fraud or identity theft? What if you could keep the bad guys away with a few simple applications?

Security expert and Computer Executive, Richard Lowe Jr, presents the simple steps you can take to protect your computer, photos and information from malicious hackers, malware, ransomware and viruses. Using easy-to-understand examples and simple explanations, Lowe explains why hackers want to break into your system, what they do with your information, and what you can do to keep them at bay. Lowe answers the question: how do you keep yourself safe in the wild wild west of the internet?

What will you learn by reading this book? What the heck are the hackers trying to do with your computer and your data. How to protect your computer from viruses. The best way to keep your online accounts, including your bank information, safe from hackers. How to keep your data and photos safe from computer crashes and disasters. How to prevent intruders from using your wireless to break into your computer. How to protect yourself on while surfing the web using your local coffee shop Wi-Fi. How to safely use a hotel or public computer. How to build a firewall around your computer to keep evildoers out. How to protect your computer from viruses using antivirus. How to secure your home network. And many, many other tips and techniques to keep your data, your credit, and your life safe.

Did you know? If your computer is not properly protected, even just opening a web page can infect your system? "The link promised pictures of cute cats, so Shelby clicked on it right away. She loved animals, especially cats, and spent a bit of each day laughing at funny pictures about them. Shelby had not patched her system in years which made her vulnerable to drive-by attacks. As soon as the web page opened, Shelby’s system was infected with a particularly nasty virus."

That malicious hackers try to fool you into entering your account and passwords so they can steal your money and your identify? "Bill, a friend of mine, woke up late one night anddecided to check his inbox. He saw an email that appeared to be from PayPal stating there was unusual activity on his account and he needed to login to recover. He clicked the link, entered his username and his password. Afterwards he went back to sleep, happy that his PayPal was protected from fraud. Unfortunately, he fell for a phishing scheme and actually give hackers his username and password. Within a short time all of the money in his PayPal account was gone."

That those Wifi hotspots in coffee shops and elsewhere can steal your information unless you take precautions? "Nathan was in a hurry, and he was happy to find that a new hotspot, called “fast coffee shop” has shown up on the list of wireless networks. He connected to it without much thought and did quite a bit of work. Unfortunately, Nathan connected a few personal sites without using https, and the hacker who had provided the hotspot stole some of Nathan’s passwords."

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